Don’t ignore the signs

Check in with your lungs during Lung Health Awareness Month this May.

Symptoms of lung disease tend to creep up slowly and people often automatically adjust their daily activities to accommodate or reduce their symptoms rather than getting help.

Contrary to what people think, breathlessness is not a normal part of ageing. Likewise, a persistent or changed cough shouldn’t be dismissed as the flu or a cold.

Take 2 minutes to learn the symptoms and check in with your lung health, here.

Anyone can get lung disease

Lung disease doesn’t discriminate. It affects men, women, children, smokers, ex-smokers and never smokers. Read these stories about real people living with lung disease, the symptoms they experienced and how they coped with their diagnosis.

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  • lung-internal
    1 in 4 Australians has a lung disease
    AIHW, 2016.
  • cry
    1 in 7 deaths is a result of lung disease
    Lung Disease in Australia, 2014, Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
  • australia
    Almost half (46%) of all Australians rarely or never think about their lung health
    2018 Lung Foundation Australia YouGov Galaxy Survey
  • lung-death
    There are over 30 types of lung disease
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